Removal of Tax Breaks Affects Melon Growers


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With the implementation of the decree in Honduras suspending tax exemptions for 60 days, exporters will have losses of $9 million.

With the implementation of the legislative decree suspending tax benefits for 60 days, exporters of melons, watermelons and cucumbers covered by the Temporary Import Regime (RIT) could record initial losses of $9 million. According to an article published by, the presidents of each of the union of the National Federation of Farmers and Ranchers of Honduras (Fenagh), agree that with the enforcement, the industry will lose out in terms of competitiveness. “We generate 4 thousand jobs and salaries are paid equivalent to $12 million in wages. If we suspend tax exemptions, of course we can not carry on in the market, because our main competitors will have better conditions”, said Miguel Molina, president of agro-export Agrolibano. According to Benjamin Bogran, director of the Honduran Council of Private Enterprise (Cohep), all costs must be transferred to the final consumer. “Otherwise, there will be reports of staff cuts and other measures to prevent the closure of businesses,” he said.

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