NEWS ALERT: Russia tightens embargo: The “Countersanctions food stuff” will be destroyed at the border


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A decision to make food ban (as a move to respond the EU and US sanctions, imposed on Russia was  extended for one year in June. And now it has become even tougher, as the Russian authorities made a new and very tough step right this week. Now, as it was decided, all the food, including most kinds of fruit and nut from banned importers (the list includes the EU, USA, Canada, Australia and some others) will be confiscated and destroyed right on the border. Such a decision was explained by the point that some exporters, which are from the embargo list, try to bring banned stuff to Russia “through third countries”. The ban does not extend to those products brought to Russia for “personal use”, but it takes to prove on the border with veterinarian and phytosanitary papers that the food stuff is for personal usage only. The decision was approved by Kremlin at the end of July. And prior to this all banned food import used to be redirected back to country of origin.

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