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You’d think that a carrot is a carrot is a carrot, but that’s just not the case – some carrots are just carrots, and others are also intergalactic superheroes. And we’ve got a series of amazing fruits and vegetables here to prove it. [Read more…]

A Sophisticated Radish

Source: reddit


Source: imgur

Toy Story’s Buzz Lightyear As A Carrot


A Duck-Shaped Tomato

Image credits: Rick

 A Happy Eggplant That Wants To Hug You

Image credits: MelButts22

A Radish And A Carrot Taking A Bath


A Goose-Shaped Gourd


An Evil Tomato

Image credits: unknown

A Bear-Shaped Potato

Image credits: Geoff Robinson

A Long-Nosed Eggplant

Image credits: unknown

A Duck-Shaped Gourd


Terrified Peppers

Source: imgur

Baby Carrot Won’t Let Go Of It’s Mother

Source: imgur

A Rabbit-Shaped Tomato

Image credits: unknown

A Running Radish


A Long-Faced Eggplant

Source: imgur

P.S. We always try our best to credit each and every photographer, but sometimes it’s impossible to track some of them. Please contact us if you know the missing authors.

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