Maori entrepreneurs closing their own deals for Kiwifruit


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As TPPA trade talks falter, a group of Māori kiwifruit growers are setting up their own trade deals within the Asian region.

There are definitely some similarities between the Japanese and Māori cultures, like the importance of looking after guests and doing business face-to-face.That is why a contingent of Māori businesses is in Japan. They’ll be landing this afternoon.Twenty Māori businesses from land trusts with interests in kiwifruit will also be attending.

Te Kāea will be following closely to see what opportunities develop between the businesses here with Singapore and Māori businesses back home.

In attendance will be some real experts in the kiwifruit trading market like Neil Te Kani and Anthony Ruakere of Te Awanui Pak.

FOMA Chairperson Traci Houpapa and Māori business expert King Smiler will be also showing face.

The Māori economy is currently valued at $43 billion, so there are huge gains for Māori in trade trips in the Asian region where the market is screaming out for Māori goods.


source: Maori Television

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