Fresh Produce Association of the Americas Announces Paula Beemer as its New Communications Coordinator


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    The Fresh Produce Association of the Americas announced that Paula Beemer is joining the FPAA team as communications coordinator.Beemer is a native from Chile who has lived in Tubac, AZ, for the last 17 years. She is a fluent English and Spanish speaker. She has a degree in business and economics and for the last three years has been working as a freelance writer and photographer, covering community-concerning issues, events and profiles. In addition she has owned her own photography and graphic design business.

    Part of Beemer’s experience also includes a couple years working for the Green Valley Pecan Co., a large pecan farm and processing company in Green Valley/Sahuarita, AZ, where she worked closely with Mexican growers who provided the company with additional product. Beemer’s responsibilities at the FPAA will include maintaining a fluent channel of communication with members as well as the entities with which FPAA normally interacts.

    She will assist in the conveying of important messages and relevant information effectively via social media, websites, email and any other means. Beemer will be working on FPAA’s annual report as well as other reports that may be requested. She will also be monitoring the media for any topics that could affect the industry as well as working with them when necessary.

    “As the FPAA we are always looking to improve the efficiency at the office to better serve our members, we want to be part of your success and we believe that Beemer’s contributions in terms of experience and personality is one more step we take in that direction,” said Lance Jungmeyer, president of the Nogales, AZ-based FPAA.

    (New communications coordinator at the Fresh Produce Association)

    source: FPAA

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