AgroPress is looking for talents in India


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    Swiss based AgroPress AG is currently looking for authors, journalists, writers and contributors for several of their magazines in India. As a leading publisher in the fresh produce businessAgroPress is covering global developments and recent trends in the horticulture industry- for fresh fruit as well as vegetables, dried fruit and nuts.


    AgroPress has a reputation of authentic coverage directly from the source: By visiting and interviewing growers, seed developed, processors, traders and logistics companies we provide an unfiltered picture of the situation and the latest trends in the industry in more than 100 countries. The publisher is currently expanding seeking people who want to write for the online magazine and the print editions like The Fruit World and The Clipper. We are looking for people who know how to use photography, video and audio for podcasts and YouTube coverage.

    If you are a senior member of the industry, retired executive involved in trades, logistics, processing or production or you are a student in agriculture we welcome you to apply.

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