New media kit for the Clipper magazine with great new options for the nut and dried fruit industry


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    The global magazine about nut and dried fruit production, processing and trade offers a vast new variety of options to get in touch with growers, processors, manufacturers of harvesting, irrigation and post-harvest technology: The Swiss company AgroPress now offers an online edition, a smartphone and tablet edition, a weekly newspaper and corporate publishing services.

    “The nut and dried fruit business needs quality journalism to make the right decisions for the future”,says Axel Breuer, CEO of AgroPress. “Therefore we have invested in journalists in Asia, Africa, Middle East, India and the US to offer valuable information from the industry: New production and post-harvest technologies, new marketing potential and marketing strategies and a lot of information about import policies and food safety.”

    The company has created an easy and transparent tool for subscribers, advertisers and partners to easily understand the marketing and matchmaking options The Clipper has to offer. The print edition of the magazine currently has 32,000 readers in 88 countries. The maga covers almonds, pistachios, hazelnuts, walnuts, pecan nuts and macadamias.  For more information AgroPress of Switzerland offers a comprehensive media brochure.

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