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    The new edition of The Clipper magazine features the following topics:

    • A new approach to prune marketing 
    • Interview with Mike Hohmann, Vice President Sales, and Tom Hazelof, Sales Director Retail, Europe, Middle East,Africa; Wonderful Pistachios

    • Is radio frequency the key for modern pasteurization?
      The Sacramento-based company RF Biocidics offers a solution that could become a game changer

    • Saving water with a tip of your finger
      DropControl is a cloud-based system to access irrigation, soil moisture, weather and field conditions
    • News from SIAL 2016 in Paris
    • New marketing strategy for macadamias
      South African Nuts go to China
    • Procurement of premium nuts still difficult
    • Cashew prices between rocket launch and smithereens
    • Fighting bad news with good news – Almond farmer tells his story on social media
      One California Almond grower has shown how easy it can be to fight bad news with good news – with a very simple recipe

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