More almond sales due to lower prices expected


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California could improve shipments of almonds until end of January 2017. This is due to the fact that almonds in the context of the whole nut range of products have been much cheaper.

The volume of shipments stands at 2,108 billion pounds. Many specialists believe that at the end of season the volume will be at 2,150 billion pounds. Stocks of hullers and shellers could be finished earlier, because some precipitations were expected and consequently more stockpiles have been processed. During week 7 flowering has taken off. According to some forecasts until the end of February the weather could be unstable with rain and higher temperatures, which is unfavourable for pollination.

The water situation in total has improved. As reported in the media Lake Oroville was due to break because of an abundance of water. Evacuation of people in the area was in progress. The situation has calmed down, but there are new rainstorms to come soon. Due to higher temperatures the snowcap has melted tremendously. The water table is still low, as at the end of the day more water has been used than added through precipitation. (Palm Nuts & More, Buchholz/Hamburg, Germany)

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