The Clipper magazine is the key to the nut and dried fruit industry


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    Hot topics in the upcoming Clipper print edition:

    1. Irrigation worldwide

    New technology, new machinery, new methods for saving up to 40% of water

    2. The Future of Crop Protection and Fertilizers

    Who has the products suitable for the challenges of the future?

    3. Smart Marketing

    Big crops for almonds and pistachios: How to sell it globally.

    4. Industry updates for almonds, pistachios, walnuts, hazelnuts, cashew nuts, pecans and dried fruit.

    The Clipper is the biggest and oldest magazine for the nut and dried fruit industry,
    delivered to 32,000 readers in 88 countries. Here is your link to advertising options:

    The Clipper Print Edition 1/2 Page Advertisement

    Nuts and dried fruit are items traded worldwide. These products have moved away from being commodities. Even mass products such as raisins are now handled and traded with utmost care; they are regarded as food items. Upvalued products is the keyword in the sector. Monitoring worldwide trade in dried fruit and nuts is the task of “The Clipper” magazine. The reader will find reports based on interviews with leading personalities of the trade. “The Clipper” goes places – and it shows. That’s why the most important companies in this sector use “The Clipper” as their preferred printed media, whether in Australia, in California, Chile or in Hamburg in West Europe. Producers, exporters, traders take advantage of the industry-wide distribution of “The Clipper” to show their presence on the market and thus let the world know about their innovations.

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