Trump, Trade and Nuts


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    During the campaign Donald Trump promised a radical transformation of American trade policy and now that he is President he is in a position to make good on his promise. That started of course with the US withdrawing from the Trans-Pacific Partnership- a trade agreement WG supported- but his agenda is very ambitious. For producers of America’s tree nuts trade is a critical issue- with majorities of America’s tree nut production being exported across all varieties. Let’s take a look then at what we know so far about the President’s trade agenda.

    What is the Trump Trade Agenda?

    The full scope of the President’s agenda has not yet been detailed nor have all the President’s trade advisors been put in place. Indeed the President issued an executive order in late March forcing a comprehensive review of every trade agreement the United States has entered into so until that is complete it is impossible to truly know the full scope of the trade agenda HOWEVER since his inauguration several key themes have emerged.

    • The President has begun the process of engaging Mexico and Canada with the purpose of renegotiating NAFTA. The President has focused his fire on Mexico in that trilateral discussion saying trade with Canada is only subject to some minor tweaks. While a full agenda has not been presented for NAFTA, so far Administration officials have indicated that NAFTA has to at least be updated to account for developments since its passage. The President however has consistently said that NAFTA was a horrible deal and that he will secure a much, much better deal for America—that seems to imply significant change to the agreement.

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