Great future for pistachios in Andalusia predicted


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    Almond and pistachio crops are currently booming, even though they’ve traditionally had a low or zero implantation in Andalusia, as reported in a UPA-Andalucía statement.
    This fact, according to the organization, is due to the adaptation process which agriculture is undoubtedly going through during the 21st century, with a sector that demands an increasingly professionalised producer who learns about the most profitable ways to gain from agricultural work.
    The almond sector is experiencing one of its best moments due to the drought that hit the United States, the world’s largest producer, two years ago. The huge demand for almonds, both for baked goods and for the production of almond milk, have caused the price per kilo to reach between eight and nine Euro, when four years ago it cost just three. Almond cultivation in Andalusia is carried out on about 150,000 hectares, making it the Spanish region with the largest share of the acreage (28%).
    Meanwhile, pistachios are becoming increasingly attractive for Andalusian producers. According to UPA-Andalusia, their cultivation can be a good alternative to olives, as they adapt well to the climate and the calcareous soil. At this time, plantations can be found across almost the entire Andalusian territory, with the exception of Huelva.
    The current price of pistachios stands at seven Euro per kilo. Its production, when rainfed, amounts to between 800 and 1,200 kilos, reaching up to 1,800 kilos in irrigated plantations, depending on the hours of cold and the variety planted.
    “We have in our hands a prosperous future for pistachios in Andalusia and it is necessary for the administrations to support and promote this crop in order to turn it into a viable alternative,” pointed out UPA-Andalusia.
    Source:  Efeagro

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