Andrés Rodríguez leaves the Chilean Walnut Commission


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    Santiago, Chile, May 3rd, 2017.- After seven years due to personal endeavors, the Executive Director of the Chilean Walnut Commission (ChWC), Andrés Rodríguez, presented his resignation to this trade association, to which, however will remain linked for most of this year, offering full support in the transition process.
    The Chairman of the ChWC, Karl Samsing, expressed his appreciation for the work and dedication that Andres Rodriguez provided to the industry in this period. In particular, highlighted its contribution leading the team that managed to move forward on very significant projects, among them, the quality standard , creation of the sectorial brand “Walnuts from Chile”, opening of new markets mainly in Asia and international positioning of the commission.
    “This association was founded in 2010 as a response to the needs of the walnut exporters in Chile, and Andrés Rodríguez was our first employee. From this position he had to accompany an important part of the development that has had the industry over the last 7 years that has tripled the production of walnuts,” said
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