The Clipper Podcast: Running a global nuts&dried fruit business from home


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    Agriculture goes home office! In the next days we will ask our partners and friends around the world how that actually works. Remember: In times where trade shows are cancelled magazines like ours are your trade show. Here you can talk about your business, get in touch with buyers and partners. We will help you present your products to an audience on seven continents. Contact us on Linkedin to find out more – my profile name is agropress. So let’s talk about running a global business from home. I asked Karel Strubbe-Sales Director EMEA at TOMRA Sorting Food how it works for a global food sorting machinery business.

    We wish everybody at TOMRA all the best! From Belgium to Australia: Australians are pioneers of home office work – understandably – with a country nearly as big as the US and only 25 m inhabitants. Michiel tells us about how in Australia distance education worked without the internet.

    I wanted to know how the COVID -19 crisis is being dealt with in Australia.

    I also asked Michiel how the agriculture sector in Australia is recovering from the bushfires and what the next steps are.  

    We wish that everybody stays well. We are working from home and we are curious about how you deal with the situation, please let us know. In our next episode we will talk about the bizarre shortage and price explosion for peanuts, more stories from the US and Italy and how nuts, dried fruit and snacks are doing on the retail level right now. 

    There are no trade shows at the moment, but you can still promote your brand and your business on our podcast. We want to invite you to sponsor the podcast and get your name and brand out to the listeners in 89 countries. You can simply contact us over Linkedin or my email. Talk soon! 

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