US ships 24% less pistachios than last year in March

    source: PRIMEX trading

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    According to PRIMEX March shipments were down 24% as compared to 2019 supply being down 20%. Year to Date shipments are still below 20%, down 16%. Shipments to each region as per the chart below were effected differently by Covid-19. The panic buying started in early March in the US and was followed a few weeks later in a few of the Western European markets. Consumer reaction has been mixed. In some cases buyers have requested shipments to be advanced and in other areas the requests are to delay shipments. Below is year to date and March shipments and percentage of change to last year. The most negatively impacted region was Asia down 80%.

    According to PRIMEX Prices haven’t changed much since last month. The market is unsettled and thinly traded. 2020 pistachio bloom is 80% complete. There were on and off rains for 1 0 days during portion of the bloom. lt’s not clear at this time if the rains has had a negative impact on the 2020 crop. The impact will be clear by early May as the clusters and nuts take shape.

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