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  • Asia
    The future for hazelnuts is bright – in Bhutan, not in Turkey

    Thirty years ago, Turkey produced 80% of world’s hazelnuts but it has hit its production limit and, as global demand for hazelnuts continues to rise, the country’s dominance is falling. Environmental problems, a difficult political environment and talk about unfair labor inspire large groups to look for other suppliers. Hazelnuts are the...

  • Australia
    4,000 hectares of new macadamia plants in Australia

    Scott Gregson-Allcott, CEO, Macadamia Farm Management (MFM), Bundaberg, North Queensland, is undoubtedly one of the industry’s most innovative operators. Prior to MFM Scott managed a large vegetable seedling nursery in Bowen, North Queensland, before  establishing a large macadamia nursery ‘MACQ’ in Bundaberg which supplied grafted macadamia trees to major stakeholders within the...

  • Almonds
    Rubber tires from almond shells

    Growing almonds in California is a creative, high-tech industry with an impressive scientific approach. But the limits of increasing yields and revenue with kernels might be in sight. No, problem for the Almond Board of California: Let’s make money with hulls and shells. The Almond Board invested in some research about products...

  • Dried Fruit
    Prunes and walnuts

    Interview with Felipe Valenzuela, Product Manager Dry Fruit Division and Antonio Aguirre, Commercial Director, Baika Chilean Fruits, Huechuraba/Santiago Baika does not (yet) rank among Chile’s major fruit and nut exporters. So who and what is Baika? Baika belongs to the group of San José farms, which have been active in agricultural production...

  • Sorting
    The machine that hears what’s not wanted

    The Coravel is a high-end sorting machine manufactured by Helms Technologie, Ahrensburg. Developed 23 years ago by Dr. Dirk Helms, an engineer from Ahrensburg near Hamburg, Germany, the machine is still standard equipment in many companies today. Axel Breuer talked to Ulrike Helms, the daughter of the company founder, who has been...

  • Breeding
    The App on the field

    Rijk Zwaan has developed an app to improve the efficiency and personalisation of visits to its demo...

  • Middle East
    Huge Pistachio crop and late snow: good prospects for 2015

    supplied by Denis Ketabi, The Pistachio Company, Jebel Ali/Dubai The Iranian pistachio exports amounted to 171 118...

  • Asia
    Great potential for dried fruits in Afghanistan

    In Afghanistan walnuts and pine nuts are produced in larger volumes, as well as almonds and different...

  • Africa
    Golden age on the Orange River

    It is an excellent raisin year for South Africa. Crop volumes are high but not excessive. The...

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