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  • ACA Annual Cashew Conference

    The African Cashew Alliance (ACA) will be held in Tanzania. The conference will indeed serve as an important platform to outdoor a new vision for the African Cashew Industry, share knowledge in best practices and network.

  • Cashews
    Adding value to Cashew exports will be essential for economy

    Nigeria currently exports raw cashew nuts to Vietnam, China and India. There are opportunities for increasing the...

  • Cashews
    Vinacas: Promoting cooperation in stabilising cashew prices

    HÀ NỘI – Cashew prices are expected to recover this year on the global market and producers...

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    5,100 Cashew Farmers To Be Supported by EU Grant – ADRA

    Project Team Leader for Bono Asante Atea (BAAT) Project, Dr. Anthony Mainoo, has advocated increased investment in...

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    Better cashew yields in Goa expected

    Cashew which was introduced by the Portuguese in Goa some five centuries back has become an  important...

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    Nigeria lost about $79 m from cashew exported to Vietnam due to price volatility

    There are indications that Nigeria lost about N28 billion ($79,550,000) from the 37,000 tonnes of cashew exported to Vietnam due to price volatility.Ideally, the price of processed cashew is $2,150 per ton at the global market.Deputy Executive Secretary, Federation of Agricultural Commodity Associations of Nigeria (FACAN), Peter Bakare, confirmed this recently.He noted...

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    Little known Kenya firm buys Tanzanian cashew nuts for $180m

    Tanzania’s Director of Cereals and Produce Board, Dr Hussein Mansoor (left) and Kenya’s Indopower Solutions CEO Mr...

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    Tanzania is trying to fix the cashew industry crisis and it’s not easy

    Dar es Salaam. The government is running against time to manage what appears to be a monumental task to raise hundreds of billions of shillings to fix the ongoing cashews marketing crisis. The Citizen has learnt that in addition to requiring over Sh660 billion to buy some 220,000 tonnes of cashews expected...

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    Poor handling of cashew production have made Nigeria to be losing $491.6 million yearly since 2012

    Nigeria exported cashew nut valued at N292.7 billion ($813.05 million) in the last three years to United States, Vietnam, India, Brazil and Europe. The nuts are being used as versatile industrial raw material for phenolic resins, friction powder for the automotive industry and wine. Also, poor handling of cashew production and defective...

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    Mozambique: First cashew sale reserved for domestic traders

    The process of selling cashew nuts in Mozambique will be divided into phases, the first being reserved for domestic traders, the director of the Cashew Development Institute (INCAJU) recently said in Nampula. Ilídio Bande, who was speaking at the second meeting of the Cashew Committee, which brings together all actors in the...

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