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foodtura is the magazine about future food and future agriculture. Foodtura is about future food: How will we eat, drink, taste, smell, buy, sell, enjoy, rate and use food tomorrow? How will agriculture tackle the challenges of tomorrow with crop science, technology and human talent? Foodtura is about a modern perspective on agriculture. An optimistic look at the most important industry for the existence of mankind. Foodtura is for professionals and for amateurs, for people passionate about producing and consuming food.  Foodtura is about the future of the food industry. The people. The issues. The ideas, the inventions, the products. Foodtura discovers and explains. Foodtura is created by AgroPress of Switzerland. Since 1943 the publishing house focuses on professional media for the agriculture and food industry. Foodtura is about agriculture technology – robots, algorithms – everything that makes agriculture the coolest way to spend your day. Foodtura is about the human side of agriculture. A passion for growing and farming. Foodtura is about future agriculture business: Where to grow, what to grow, where to invest. Strategies for food production, marketing, trade and retail.

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Key facts

  • 6 editions/year
    • release dates:
      jan 10
      march 10
      may 10
      jul 10
      sep 10
      nov 10
  • 200-280 pages

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