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Almonds: Four phases of inspection from the huller to the packer

The Clipper: There are different phases of detection in the Tomra system. Would you please elaborate on that? Brendan O’Donnell: We...

Almonds: Chaos theory on a global level

2019 was a very challenging time regarding all the issues coming up or underway. What you see are the small changes and...

Waren-Verein: Concerns about the future of free trade

Traders in Europe generally experienced a good year, but how will the future look like? Frank-Christoph Rump, the new chairman, expressed some...

Seeberger: How to stay successful for 175 years

The Clipper: What are currently the most important topics for Seeberger? Joachim Mann: We are currently thinking about how to keep...

Drones are not the future. They are here.

At Agritechnica you can find a lot of big machinery. But the push to make farming leaner, effective and energy-friendly calls for...